Brian's Job Search

Brian had a very special assignment while serving in the Navy. He spent his time heading up Geospatial Information Services and holding titles of Meteorologist and Oceanographer. Concerned that there might not be a market for these experiences, he sought the professional services of David Griswold & Associates.

The number one discussion was the focus. Rather than change directions or downplay his experience, the decision was made to highlight his accomplishments. Brian was relieved as he enjoyed his work, and it was supported by his education. Next materials were developed that sold value and promoted his rare talents.

The challenge was to find companies where his background would be of interests. This was going to be a challenge because Brian wanted to live in a remote area where there were few opportunities of this kind. Research was developed for his area of choice, and Brian had many interviews and a couple of offers. However, the money and the challenge were not there.

The search was expanded nationwide. Brian agreed. The hard work and effort paid off. Brian was offered a position in California that was perfect. The company really wanted him. In fact, with help from our team, Brian negotiated a $25,000 signing bonus.
“The focus and resume was right on target and the CD training really helped. But the negotiations were amazing. Without your help, I never would have received this high an offer. With the money I am making, I can travel and have the best of both worlds. Many thanks.”